Course Dates

10 Week Saturday Classes
January 13 – March 16, 2024
February 03 - April 27, 2024
September 07 - November 16, 2024

Program Description

Course offers instruction in all requirements for a basic understanding of dentistry and proficiency of the fundamental tasks delegated to the dental assistant by a licensed dentist in the states of Ohio and West Virginia.  Upon completion of this course, students are given a certificate to document completion of the fundamentals course.  The course runs approximately 10 weeks and is held one 8-hour day per week.  Students participate in a mix of lecture and hands-on training in a dental clinic using the materials and methods they learn in lectures.  

Course Description


Generalized Introduction to Dental Terminology and Equipment

Week 1 Description:

101: Generalized Introduction to Dental Terminology and Equipment 8 hrs.


View patient education videos prn to get “up to speed” as to the scope of modern dental treatments available.  Introduction to tooth nomenclature, dental anatomy and “landmark teeth”.  Operation and positioning options of various dental chairs, lights, handpiece set-up, and handpiece bur-changing, suction, three-way syringes, etc.  Introduction to power options and positioning of intra-oral and panoramic x-ray units.  Explanation of homework assignments in the textbook, Modern Dental Assisting, and demo of the two CDs contained in the textbook.  Discussions covering the non-technical sides of Dental Assisting, including patient interaction.


Office tour and orientation/operation of all equipment.  Accomplish goals stated above clinically.  Demonstrate set-up and teardown of treatment rooms, equipment and instruments, etc.  Cover mechanisms of disinfection, sterilization, Personal Protective Attire, x-ray safety, OSHA, MSDS, HIPPA regulations, as related to confidentiality, preliminary into to 4-handed dentistry theory and practice.


Four-Handed Dentistry Essentials

Week 2 Description:

102: Four-Handed Dentistry Essentials 8 hrs.


Anesthetic syringes and local anesthesia; assembly, transfer to the Doctor, needle-stick prevention and proper Sharps disposal, Dental Dam application and uses, suctioning and retraction techniques, instrument transfer and demonstration, techniques to assure visibility for the Doctor (patient positioning, mirror cleaning techniques and maintaining lighting), tub and tray setups for various procedures, hand piece sterilization and maintenance.  Appropriate protective attire for both dental professionals and patients.  Dental Sealants.  Advanced Six-Handed dentistry techniques (using videos).



Techniques on patient management and communication from entering the office finishing with appropriate transfer to the front desk personnel.  Accomplish goals stated above clinically, using the TRANSFER ZONE exclusively.  Practice in the use of cotton rolls to isolate various areas, if Dental Dam is not being used, dental hand pieces, bur types explained and demonstrated.


Dental Radiology

Week 3 Description:

103: Dental Radiology 8 hrs.


Dental Radiology theory and practice.  Intra-oral and extra-oral techniques, radiation safety and hygiene, exposure time parameters, Kvp and MA, film speed and types, Ohio Radiographer considerations, darkroom procedures and digital procedures overview.



Accomplish goals stated above clinically, practice bisecting technique using Rinn holders, paralleling technique without holders (as needed), proper mounting of individual, bitewing and complete series, tooth identification landmarks, upper versus lower, right versus left, FMX sorting exercises on CD_ROM within the Elsevier textbook, expose and process all types of intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs on fellow students.


Amalgam and Composites

Week 4 Description:

104: Amalgam and Composites 8 hrs.


Theory, chemistry, selection, and techniques of the preparation, placement, and finishing of these restorations will be discussed, along with proper mixing, isolation, bonding, curing and adjustments needed after placement.  Curing light types, curing light safety, hygiene, and proper cooling of target area.



Accomplish goals stated above in a clinical setting.  Proper loading and use of amalgamator, loading amalgam carriers, mercury safety and hygiene, Tofflemire holder orientation.  Discussion and demo of alternative matrix types and systems.  Composite bonding, placement and finishing procedures, glass ionomer orientation and discussion, micro air abrasion theory techniques and restorative considerations.


Cements and liners, impressions and model basics

Week 5 Description:

105: Cements and liners, impressions and model basics 8 hrs.


Chemistry and handling techniques of the most popular cements, basis and liners.  Chemistry, mixing, and impression techniques for irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate).



Practice the mixing and handling of popular cements, bases and liners in a clinical setting.  The materials covered will be a minimum of the following: dycal, IRM, Zinc oxyphosphate, glass ionomer liner and restorative, and Resin-modified glass ionomer cement.  There will be hands-on practice in impression-taking using alginate on the upper dental arch, and instruction in the pouring and trimming of dental stone models made from these impressions.


Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and mandibular impression techniques; additional patient education diagnostics

Week 6 Description:

106: Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and mandibular impression techniques; additional patient education diagnostics 8 hrs.


Presentation and discussion of the various oral and periodontal surgical instruments and techniques.  Discuss and demo the use of the various instruments, throat packs, surgical suction uses and techniques, sterility and instrument scrubbing techniques, periodontal disease causes, classifications, and non-surgical treatment techniques, intro to dental lasers, limitations and safety of dental lasers. Lower alginate impression techniques.  Nitrous oxide: an introduction.



Actual exercises in the proper use and setups of instruments, retraction and suctioning during surgery.  Then cleaning, disinfection, and autoclave techniques, instrument identification and handling, review of room cleanup after surgery, disinfection, use of the SHARPS container, intra-oral practice in mandibular alginate impression techniques.  Practice the use of the intra-oral dental camera as an aid to diagnosis and patient education.  


Crown and Bridge

Week 7 Description:

107: Crown and Bridge 8 hrs.


The various crown and bridge types, instruments and techniques.  Impression material types and techniques, cord, chemical, and laser retraction technique, bite registration (wax and PVS), temporary crown fabrication and placement, final cementation types and technique overview and summary.  Implant supported crowns and bridges and how they differ from traditional procedures.



Mix and dispense carious crown impression materials, know the difference between traditional one arch impressions and the “triple tray” techniques, practice fabrication of temporary crown using acrylic powder and liquid versus self mixing materials.  Learn how to add to temporaries prn with flowable composite that is light cured. Bite registration practice.  Review various cements and their applications.


Endodontics and Orthodontics

Week 8 Description:

108: Endodontics and Orthodontics 8 hrs.


Endodontic theory and the various techniques.  Review the uses of Dental Dam, manual and mechanical Instrumentation, Radiography pertinent to endo, Irrigants, medicaments, Apex locators, temporary and final restorations.  An intro to orthodontics – fixed appliances (braces), removable appliances, clear aligners.



Demo the various endodontic instruments, techniques, irrigants and cautions, dental dam application review, etc, demo “cold spray” and electronic pulp tester.  Show actual working length radiographs and discuss, show apex locator, demonstrate cavit and/or endotemp.  Show post systems and explain rationale and procedure overview.  Show orthodontic models and review impression techniques for same.  Revisit self-esteem training and how this relates to interview techniques.  Review and revisit radiography and practice prn.


Office Management and Front Desk Operations

Week 9 Description:

109: Office Management and Front Desk Operations 8 hrs.


Telephone techniques, appointments, billing and payment options, Practice Management systems, Open Dental intro, OSHA and dentistry, use a load CD_ROM for Elsevier’s textbook regarding tooth charting, also become familiar with insurance terms in the book and in general use. Review for final exam



Practice proper phone answering techniques on each other, role-play checking “patients” in and out, making appointments, asking for money and making payment arrangements.  Demo Open Dental and give URL for self study of this program prn if desired. Go over new patient information collection and input into dental software, verifying insurance coverage. Review and practice in preparation for final exam.


Pediatric Dentistry, followed by Final Exam and Practical Exam

Week 10 Description:

110: Pediatric Dentistry, followed by Final Exam and Practical Exam 8 hrs.


Pediatric Dentistry, theory and practice.  Strategies to handle patients, and their parents.  Use of Nitrous Oxide, local anesthesia, distraction techniques (TV/headphones, stroking of forearm or ankle area), policy regarding parents in treatment room, radiography techniques, accelerated restorative techniques and materials. When and why to refer.



There is no clinical exercise pertaining to this unit since the remainder of the day is devoted to examinations and a Clinical Practical Examination.


What Our students say


“ ATS is great! I love the small class size because it allows for more focused, individualized learning and the development of lifelong friendships.”


Desiree Taylor

“Since our ATS class is held in a dental office, we get to practice and get experience in the proper setting.”


Lakin Brown

“In addition to in-depth learning, and practical hands-on training, we have fun and develop close friendships.”


Destiny Griggs

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